10 Steps That Will Help You Learn About Preventing Heart Diseases

Don’t know how to maintain a healthy heart? Here are 10 steps that will help you learn about preventing heart diseases. We highly recommend discussing with your doctor a customizable lifestyle plan that suit your medical needs.

1. Schedule a Yearly Checkup

Scheduling an appointment with your doctor will help reduce the development of major heart diseases. Getting your heart checked once a year is highly recommended. Your examiners will be testing blood pressure, cholesterol, and glucose levels. Following a preventive care plan will keep your heart healthy and in check.

Your heart is in your hands. Each year on your birthday, schedule a checkup to have your blood pressure, cholesterol and glucose levels checked, and ask your doctor to help you reach or maintain a healthy weight. Be sure to follow your healthcare professional’s recommendations, including taking prescribed medications as directed.

2. Get Physical

Keeping a healthy heart is easy if you dedicate time to it. Your doctors recommend getting physical in order to keep your heart pumped and flowing. If you are not all about exercising get creative and set up a routine that works for you. Incorporating a simple exercise routine of at least 15-30 minutes will prevent any complications associated with the heart. Love shopping? Go to your local mall and walk while you window shop. Busy working? Jog in place while you read your emails.

Step, march or jog in place for at least 15 minutes a day while watching your favorite TV shows. Increase your activity by five minutes each week until you’re getting a minimum of 30 minutes most days of the week.

If exercise and diet do not get you to your goal, ask your doctor about adding medication.

3. Drink More Water

Did you know that 60% of an adult body is made up of water? With that said keeping hydrated compensates any water lost throughout the day. Nourishing your body with water is essential and lets your heart do its job. Think about drinking water as a reward to your heart for working so hard to maintain you alive.

Take a water bottle with you wherever you go. It’ll keep you hydrated and the bottle’s weight will strengthen your arms.

4. Eat Healthy

Establishing a meal eating plan will make consumption of healthy food appealing. You can come up with creative recipes to cook your favorite food in a healthy way. Incorporating raw veggies and fruits to your meal or as a light snack will help you get in the habit of eating healthy. Grocery shopping just got easier in the matters of picking healthy food. The American Heart Association added a red and white heart-check mark to help you classify foods that are good choices.

Keep packages of unhealthy food hidden. Put raw veggies and fruits in front in the refrigerator and healthy snacks in the front of the pantry, so that’s what you see first. If you grab healthy foods for a minimum of 21 times, healthy choices will become a habit.

Also, look for the American Heart Association red and white heart-check mark. This easy, reliable grocery-shopping tool helps you identify foods that can be part of a sensible eating plan.

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