Tech Up Your Heart

Time to modernize your heart with the newest fitness trackers available. Fitness helps the body maintain a normal weight and keeps you active. Having an objective towards working out keeps you motivated during a full workout. With technology becoming so important in everyday life, fitness trackers are becoming user-friendly and good. There are several companies that have created fitness trackers with customizable options.

A great heart health tracker should have the following :

  • 24/7 heart rate monitor 

  • Sleep tracker

  • Step tracking

  • Stress tracker

  • Long lasting battery life

List of Fitness Trackers

  1. Fitbit 

  2. Moov Now

  3. Garmin

  4. Misfit

  5. Apple watch

  6. Samsung watch

Get that exercise in!  

There are many ways to incorporate exercise into your everyday life. You can keep it simple, but the importance is to keep moving to keep your heart healthy.  

  • Choose the stairs rather than the elevator

  • Set daily step goals

  • Walk your dog 

  • Go swimming

  • Do simple breathing techniques in your office chair

  • Window shop while getting that cardio in

  • Neck stretches at work 

  • Walk your 15min phone meeting

Boosting your heart rate with fitness will promote healthy blood being oxygenated through your body. Tracking your heart will help you translate results to your cardiologist. All you really need are essential functions to keep track of your heart. Years before technology boomed a simple stopwatch and pulse check worked as heart rate trackers. However, for those technology avid personas, a modernized fitness tracker is convenient and fashionable. 

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