Yoga For The Heart

Yoga is a combination of breathing patterns, meditation, and posture. Yoga is one of the most fascinating workouts because it relaxes and strengthens your body and mind. With more than 100 different yoga workouts, the basics are good enough to keep your heart healthy! As a matter of fact, according to researchers at Harvard University and its Schools of Medicine and Public Health and Erasmus University Medical Center in the Netherlands, they concluded that yoga changes heart rates, diastolic body pressure, and systolic blood pressure.


How does yoga contribute to a healthy heart?

Yoga maintains the cardiovascular system in shape by the amount of meditation and flexibility involved. Did you know that stress causes arteries to narrow and blood pressure to increase? By practicing yoga, you are relieving your mind from stress which will release tensions that cause relevant heart diseases. The opportunity to practice good body posture relieves pressure from your system which is why yoga is beneficial. Yoga reduces your resting heart rate. The combination of breathing patterns and movement helps reduce inflammation caused by pain and swelling. A person with a cardiovascular disease should, however, consult with their doctor before practicing yoga to find out the workout that is allowed. 


5 yoga workouts according to levels

Beginner: Lyengar yoga is perfect for body alignment and learning movement techniques. Ashtanga yoga helps the body learn a full routine. 

Intermediate: Hot yoga is practiced in a heated room and helps the body sweat more than a regular yoga class. Bikram yoga is a good routine workout that teaches different postures and breathing techniques. 

Advanced:  Yin Yoga is designed to work deeper connective tissue and fascia. This workout requires extreme flexibility.  


Now that you know about the benefits of yoga we hope you will incorporate it into your workout plans. Always consult with your cardiologist to discuss yoga poses that fit your heart health. The perks of practicing yoga are the practicality of it. All that is needed is soothing music and a yoga mat. Stop overthinking it and start practicing your breathing and posture techniques.

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